Guitar Tots

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The FUN & INGENIOUS Way For Your Child To Learn How To Play Guitar...

...saving YOU a fortune on expensive weekly guitar lessons!

Suitable for Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Guitar Tots Book 1 - Lessons For Young Kids (aged 3 - 9 yrs)

Lesson book, DVD & full online lessons

ISBN: 978-1-5262-0059-4

SKILL LEVEL: Complete Beginners

Guitar Tots Book 1 is specially designed for very young children and child beginners. It uses a combination of fun characters, short stories, games and popular nursery rhymes to teach very young early learners the basics of playing guitar.

Book 1 comes complete with sing-a-long DVD lessons, reward stickers, coloring sheets and a free plectrum...everything your child needs to get started on their first steps into music.

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Guitar Tots Book 2 - Lessons For Children (aged 6 yrs +)

Lesson book, DVD & Audio CD

ISBN: 978-1-5272-1796-6

SKILL LEVEL: Some Experience

Guitar Tots Book 2 introduces children to slightly more advanced musical concepts. Aimed at children who have studied Book 1 or are already able to play basic chords the lessons are cleverly interwoven into a gripping fantasy story 'The Quest for the Golden Guitar' where 3 intrepid young characters Dylan, Tina and their dog Memphis find themselves trapped in a world of witches, trolls, giants and dragons...their only way of escape is to seek out and play 7 pieces of music to 'The Guardian'...the protector of the Golden Guitar.

Will they ever find their way home? Only you can decide...

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"Young Guitarists? This is a must..."
"My Granddaughter couldn't wait to get started. Being a musician myself, this has to be the best starter package for young people I've seen. Easy to follow, keeps her interested, and I'm sure will develop her skills. The biggest thing in young starters, is keeping them interested, this does just that. Well done, and Thank you."
Julian - UK